Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Never say Never

I'm a woman of strong beliefs and convictions.
But Im also a Gemini.
So... life has taught me to embrace my own sayings and definite statements and allowed me to simply acknowledge that sometimes I am wrong.
As simple as that.
So, as I look out of the windown in my hotel room in Zurich, overlooking the lake and watch the snow that covers the trees, the pateos, the small little boats and rooftops, I can finally say that "I love it"...
I can take back years and years of repeated sentences like "I hate snow" or "I'm a beach girl" or "Fine, if you want to go skiing and freeze to death while avoiding smashing into a tree, go ahead. I will give it a raincheck".
I can take all that back and say that my horizons are now open to a whole new world... of little snow flakes and winter coats, and cute little boots and trendy gloves.
I go outside, into the -2C weather and I breathe serenity and confort. I let the fresh air mingle through my uncovered hair and I dont fear it anymore...
And it makes me happy.

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