Sunday, June 21, 2009

What is making me happy right now...

Pretty much everything. Yes, everything.

Old friends moving to town. Long lasting friendships. Saudi Arabia trips being cancelled last minute and replaced with meetings in Barcelona, including a small stop over in Portugal. Spring in Portugal. Being back in my new apartment by the sea and seeing my new bedroom furniture. Dreaming about my living room furniture. Surprising friends at the "moment" they needed us the most. Sharing sadness and happiness all in one go and preparing for even more happiness to come. Enjoying the weather in Dubai before it became too hot to breathe. Unexpected parties and unexpected embraces. Diving again after almost a year of absence. The peace and serenity under water. My birthday. My wonderful friends and their surprises and my wii. My Black&White Bday Party. My Black&White Bday Party (It made me feel so happy that I have to write it twice). Leaving my white castle (ok, I have to admit this one is a nostalgic smile as well... Too many good memories over the past 4 years!). My 'last night' in my white castle. Moving into cloud no.29. The View from the living room. Having close friends in the neighborhood. No traffic on the way to work. No taxis honking (hurray). Upcoming holidays. Direct flights from Luanda to Dubai with Emirates, announcing future visits.

As I said, pretty much everything. :)

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