Sunday, February 11, 2007

Another "delicious song"...

It happened before.. And I know it will happen again.

Regardless of the moment, of the movie or the date the song has been released, some songs just "hit" you in a way that you just cant stop thinking about them. Its like a rush.. like nothing will be alright until you listen to it again.

It doesnt matter if the song or the singer have been around for ages. It just seem they have been hidding from you just to reveal themselves exactly when they wanted to.

This weekend I was introduced to Erykah Badu... And I just cant stop listening to her, this song and this song in particular.

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lish17 said...

Erkah Badu rocks! Saw her in concert back in Seattle, amazing! If you like her music, I also definitely recommend picking up some Common and roots songs!