Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Power of Sunset

I do have to admit that Iftar's are my favourite part of Ramadan.

Probably some of you are actually asking what is Iftar all about, right (certo?? Certo!! (Herman.. volta! Estas perdoado!)

Iftar is when you break your fast, when sunset happens and you can finally eat. You can either know its Iftar simply by watching the sunset (obviously!) or you can rely on the "call for prayer" that comes from every mosque. Alternatively, you can also check it on all TV or on the daily newspaper, where you can also find timings for all daily prayers. Majority of times I have been in the office, so I have had to rely on my nice mobile phone to tell me it is time.

It is so interesting to see how everything and every one's anxiety levels seem to increase as sunset approaches... Its almost as if people start panicking because it is almost Iftar time and you arent home yet.

On the other hand it is also interesting to see how people are calmer. According to Islam, during the holly month of Ramadan, you should also refrain from swearing, being rude, lie, etc. and its interesting to see that this also has a reflect on the way people are driving and the consequent reduction of honking noises.

Anyways, as I was saying... Iftar is also the time when you meet with friends and family to break the fast and I have to admit that is my favourite time... Breaking the fast together, enjoying everyone's smile and laughs are simply unique moments...

My first Iftar this year was at Shady&Holly's place and it couldnt have been more special. The food was SOOOO amazing and the harmony around the table was undescriptible. Maybe it was because I was tired.. Maybe it was because I had to break my fast all alone in the office after a long meeting and already after time... But driving to Mirdiff right after, knowing that someone would be waiting for me with a set table makes you definitely feel blessed by who you have around you.. Thank you.

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Rafa said...

It must be nice to be able to enjoy the cultural and personal experience of fasting and specially to break that fast with great people like Shay and Holly.
Send them my greetings and hope to be able to share with you at least a couple of days of Ramadan