Monday, September 25, 2006

Good Vibes.

My blog is not necessarily the most active blog in the 'blogosphere' so I have to admit it is a good sign if 3 of the most active people on my blog (me included) are actually writing on it at the same time... (Just noticed that they left a comment at the same time I was writing my previous posting)

This is definitely what I call wave links and the power of friendship beyond frontiers.

You...: I wish you were here to share Ramadan with me once again... But I would have to be extra careful this time not to get beaten or foot injured. :)

And you...: Hope you are enjoying your Ramadan in Egypt and that I will see you soon. Here or there!


Devrim said...

I'll break your toe but not your heart. I'm all about tough love. :)

Half Way to Cleopatra said...

ur blog rocks!! :P
No kiddin' u know i am here.... :)