Thursday, October 06, 2005

3rd Day of Fasting

Everyday that passes by makes me feel more right about my decision of fasting.
It has been a great experience and as someone as told me the physical pain is being replaced by calmness and patience.

I still fell stomach cramps but it seems that my body just got used to it....

Yesterday I cooked my first Iftar! And it was really good.. especially because I was able to share it with good friends.. And that is also one of my favourite things in Ramadan!


It looks good! Doesnt it?! :)

Today we are going out for arabic Iftar in one of the restaurants nearby our house... (It is definetely going to be more tradicional that my tomato soup and eggs with mushroom&cheese I cooked) :)

However, yesterday's highlight was definetely my Arabic class followed by "Ramadan Discussions" with UAE local girls and guys.. It was an amazing evening, prepared by Jana (UAE MC) and UAE Spirit cousin and friends.

It was really great to hear them and the dinner they presented us with was just amazing!! What a great way to celebrate Ramadan and all it represents...


Shokrun and Massalamah!


Maria said...

Keep enriching my life Ana...

muito obrigada! :)

S!lent.Sp!r!t said...

I am overwhelmed by all the replies I get about the experience you all guys had. Thanks to the girls and guys group and surely to Chico ... this is a way of building bridges between cutlures... so keep it up..

PS you can use my name Ana ;)

Half Way to Cleopatra said...

Fasting??/ oh dear!! i fasted... was the hardest 30 minuts of my life!!ehehehe.. .but ill do it... eventually... other hand.. i appreciate eftar!!! ahahaha

Ramadan-Blessings said...

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