Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The House of Healing

Today I had my first Chinese Massage... And I feel great (although I am still thinking about all that money I spent on it.. ;)

Anyway.. it all hapened in a great place called House of Tchi, with nature sounds on the background and japonese decoration all over.

And it all started with "Mobile Off Whispering On"..

Of course that me and Alisha (my roomate) disconected our mobiles but I have to say that it is quite dificult for an American and a Portuguese to whisper.. we just talk naturally loud. And that was when the nice philipino looking lady came to us and say we had to whisper (as if we havent noticed the huge baner on the door or as if she wanted us to actually whisper)... eheh

Afterwords, we went to the small cubicles and had our massage done... I have to say that it was great and definetely going to do it again... ahah.. I am such a basic girl, not used to this poshy life! I was so surprised when the massage actually also included legs, head and arms massage. But the highlight was definetely the ear massage... :) :) Humm.. just delicious!

Anyway.. on my way to bed now.. I need to let the "blood activate" as I was told..

(mental note: I actually could get used to this life)


Half Way to Cleopatra said...

uh.. sounds good...

Drake said...

i just got a chinese massage, too..20 bucks for 90 minutes..drinks and food included, of course.

Ana Elisa said...

Drake, please dont remind me of the price I paid for mine ok??
I almost needed therapy... ;)

Anyway, here is obviously more expensive due to the fact that they have to import the chinese girls and the oils for the massage... you cant imagine the rates for importing stuff these days. ( I actually left my business card with them, just in case) ;)