Saturday, August 06, 2005

Jebel Ali Weekend

Having a weekend that only lasts for one day and a half is definitely what costs me the most in this country.. Plus the idea of working on saturdays and sundays (cause our days off are thursdays and fridays) is still not well accepted by my system.. I found myself thinking that Mondays are still the 1st day of the week and we are already in the middle of it...

Anyway, 2 weeks ago I decided to take 2 days off (Friday & Saturday) and enjoy the beach.. Ended up staying at Jebel Ali Beach Hotel (40 min away from Dubai center), for a wkd of beach and relax.. and DVDs watch! :)



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Anonymous said...

Olá Quiduxa!!!
Que fotos deliciosas! Aproveite e dê uns mergulhos por nós que estamos aqui em Portugal!! Temos saudades!! Raky* e Tita!! :)