Tuesday, March 22, 2005

A special THANK YOU!

It is about time I start writing about my Mozambique and South Africa (Kruger's Park) adventures..

However, before all that I just want to thank Orlando for everything while I was in Mozambique! Orlando is one of my best friends for long and he is those kind of special people that you just cant help liking!!.. He was part of my LC team as ICX when I was LCP and the coolest thing is that he is dating another special friend of mine, Sonia, who was my OGX back then! :)

After your departure to Mozambique I missed our talks, our dinners and cinemas terribly, but now, after great days spent there I know our friendship is still there... I am not even sure if you will be reading my blog, but after so many thank you sms and emails I thought I should be original! :)


Orlando at Flamingo's Night tea at Polana's
DSC01325 DSC01327


orlando said...

Thank you to come me visit!
They have been really spectacular vacations.
Big kiss from or friend Orlando

Maria said...

thank you Ana for your comment! I cant wait to meet you again one day.... Hugs and Kisses....
btw.. I got 1 day off and I will spend one more day at home in Malta! I am really happy! :) My laptop is not working and I have the thesis in it.. but I have a few back ups.. I hope all will be ok! kisses


Tom Gara said...


I heard you might be coming to Egypt sometime? Let me know so I can work things out for you.

email tom dot gara at aiesec.net

(ncp egypt)

Maria said...

Hey Ana, Muito Obrigado for your msn message.... I feel like a new person!!!

Let us know about your future endeavours!