Monday, February 21, 2005

Photo Time!! 2005

RIMT from AIESEC Lisboa Catolica 11-13 Feb' 05





Its quite cool to go back to AIESEC after some months break. First time they asked me I turned down, but after many e-mails and calls I had to say yes and Chaired my LC conference. It is great to see that my LC is back on track and to see that I could contribute for their motivation once again! I am sure good things are on their way!

Thanks Bia for inviting me and Thanks for being the LCP our LC needs... I trust you so much!
Enjoy the pics! :P


Maria said...

Hey Ana, Its Amazing how I can still recognise faces from pictures! I have been to portugal 5 years ago and I can still relate to some of them!

Devrim said...

Ana Elisa... you disappoint me. I teach you games for grown ups and you play games for kids. Next time you'd better teaching them a lesson with the HOUR of POWER. :)


Burbs said...

Sorry to bother you guys, but what game is being played in the pictures? It looks like FLip-Cup, but I don't think it is. I don't believe I've ever seen it before and I'd like to introduce it to the Rowdy region!


Ana Elisa said...

Hey Guys! :)

Maria.. you should know them alright! :) They are "alumnis" from my time in AIESEC Católica eheh. They showed up for the parties and for some sharing!

Digs.. You should know better! Hour of Power is an intimate game! ;) You cannot play it in the middle of the plenary! And, of course, I wouldnt post pics of my room! eeheh

Burbs... Nice to know you are reading my blog! :)
Well, regarding the games the one in the 1st photo (small cups) is called Nordic Highway. Basically 2 people challenge eachother to see who can drink 5/6 shots faster! You have to drink in a row and make this viking nordic sound after you drink (difficult to explain overhere) :)
The other game I guess is the one you are mentioning.. 2 teams, 3-5 members each in a challenge to see who finishes first. After drinking and passing to the next team mate u have to confirm u drink it all by flipping the glass over your head...
Hope I could help! And Hope u guys have fun playing it! I sure did all these years! ;)

Devrim said...

Burbs, also ask Dody about the "Orient Express."

Ana Elisa... Hour of Power baby... it's so on!!! :)

Mix said...

The second game is known as a "boat race" in the US.

I'll be doing two power hours this friday.

Thea said...

hey babe!!!
cool pics!!! he he, still with the portugese spirit!!
didn't receive any e-mail from you, funny though, maybe i wrote my e-mail wrong!
nways, mine is

Burbs said...

Great! Thanks for the help! I will definitely be introducing "Nordic Highway" to the region. I'll practice my viking nordic sound so I don't disappoint!

Thanks again and take care,

Troels Hansen said...

Hi there... now being an LCP in AAU/Aalborg in Denmark, which is a member of the old Nordic region(later the Norbies with the British Isles included, and later again went into the WENA GN))

I never knew the Nordic Highway before last week?s conference. Its actually meant to be at Global Village party, where the Nordic countries put their tables in a row, and you get 1-2 shots at each of the 5 countries. When Denmark is represented you will for sure get Gammel Dansk(bitter, or even Rød Aalborg(Aquavit/snaps).

The beer game is definitely called ?Boat Race?. A team of 4 enters the competition. Every team must include one girl. Cubs are to be filled with beer.

A caller yells: Thumbs on tables? Chins on table(this is where they gotten to in the picture)? Face the water? ROW.

The first persons finishing up, putting the cub bottom up on his head, tabs the shoulder of his/hers next team mate, who then begins to drink. There can be NO spillage. Some get disqualified? other times you have to do it over again.

We have the game every conference, and I think it is a National conference that the LCs play for the big Trophy, which is quite nice. I think you even get the LC name and year engraved.

Have fun with it? but remember: Its not a real Nordic Highway, if it doesn?t have Gammel Dansk ;)

Troels, LCP AIESEC AAU 2005/2006