Monday, February 07, 2005

Monday Morning thoughts

The weekend was just great!
Funny how, after 3 wkds in a row, your body adapts better for staying out late! For the past years I was ready to " switch of" and sleep around 2am. Last Saturday left at 5.30 and I was still up to for more...

Well, Gonçalo's Dinner was really cool. Cup&Cino drinks and then Vahgan's bar at Bairro Alto made my night. However I didnt make it to the place where Mauricio was playing and I feel very bad for that. I have been promising him that I will watch him play for ages and somehow I always miss it! :( Sorry Mau, I will make it up to you soon!

Tonight is Carnival night! Well, it started already last Friday.. But today is the "best and bigger" night! It is quite a tradition here in Portugal and many people dress up to the occasion.
For the past 2 years I have been away for IPM, but not this time! :)
I still dont know what mask I will use.. Just filled my bag with random clothes I have and I will make my decision as I travel up to Torres Vedras and Santa Cruz:

I am sure this night will be a blast! For the ones who dont know it, around 99%!!! of portuguese male desguise themselves as woman! (I am sure this fact must say something about portuguese men, but still dont know what), so the best part is helping out your male friends to dress, before you get into the street!

I will try to post some photos later...

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