Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I am an OREO Cookies addict!!

Yes I admit!
Being coherent with my random thoughts.. I would like to announce to the world that I am addicted to OREO cookies!
Regular ones.. But without all that "dipping it in milk" crap process (Hope I am not offending people who love this process..)
Plain and simple OREO.
Just realized that I just ate more than 2 packages of 4 in the past minutes (lets say 15 so that it doesnt sound like glutony)

And more than that.. I like everything which is sweet! So that makes me a "sweet lover"!! :) (thank God I didnt misspelled as in "sweat lover".. actually swat lover wouldnt be that bad.. nice bodies ;)) ahaha. I am definitely random at this point and the thing is that I have loads of things to do right now and I feel like doing ZERO!

Following this situation, basic rules are:
1. Eat some chocolate - DONE!
2. Talk to someone about something which is completely out of context - NOT DONE (only my boss in the open space now.. it would not be a very pretty move)
3. Call a friend - NOT DONE (roaming is expensive and company's mobile is with no battery)
4. Email friends - DONE (but they didnt reply yet so it didnt work out as I planned)
5. Write random stuff in your weblog - DONE!!!!!!

(And this is almost as if I am updating it.. so I will stop hearing the same remarks over and over again;))

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