Thursday, January 20, 2005

Corporate World Learnings - Part I

Corporate world is so overwhelming!

I just Love consultancy work... You manage to change your "area" accordingly to the different projects you are allocated to, so it is a great way to break job routines.
Moeover, it gives you the insight to different companies culture and stuff in a short period of time (compared with working for one company at the time), so it is a great way to learn, especially if you are my age and eager to learn all at once.

Last week I attended one of my clients "Sales Force Conference" :) Yeap, Motivation and Training (also called NTMS in some organizations ;)) for all those guys and girls that are selling the company's product in different channels.
During the closure speech, the Commercial Manager (this big shot) was talking about the changes that their product's market has suffered and how the sales force needed to adapt and be resilient.
He continues with his speech, covers other topics, bla bla bla and at some point he says a figure in pesetas (spanish currency before the €uro). To make things worst he says that he will NEVER adapt to € currency and that he will still continue talking in pesetas since the exchange rate doesnt make it simple to make the exchange!!


How can you tell your team to be resilient and then give a personal example about you being such a "square"?!

Learning no1
- Walk the talk. If you dont do it, at least dont talk about it during your "Face the Change" Speeches!

After the conference we had a meeting with him and his Sales Managers, followed by dinner that ended around midnight! (yes I was sleepy at this point!!)

It was so good to see how they interacted among themselves, how they were flexible and a little bit disorganized eventhough part of the management team of a million worth international company.. It seemed almost as AIESEC, although with some differences. I would dare to say: more disorganized and unstructured but way more results! ;) And with a great sense of human relationships.

Learning no2 - Dont think the Big Shot Executive is dumb just because he made a mistake during his speech. There are many other ways to keep your team happy and satisfied, goal oriented and, most of all, profitable.

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Ethel said...

hola Ana Elisa
nice post ;) seem that you are one of those persons who is trying to learn from everybody around you. Am I right?

:) have a nice day.