Monday, January 24, 2005

Back in the neighbourhood!!

Humm.. Last weekend was.. one of the most eventful weekend in, I would say, past 6 months.
Just LOVED it!!

I wish I had this power of being sintetic and short when writing or talking.. I feel this will be a huge posting. But I ll try to stick to the basics.

I always lived in this cute small city, on the other side of Tagus river.. far from Lisbon's "way of life".
Basically my times there ruled! I had a blast everyday, I was quite crazy and adventurous and also, (how can I say this and still be humble?) quite popular.
I had this very close friend and we would rock the place wherever we go! Everyone knew who we were and everyone actually thought we were sisters (some even twins, but those dont count)

Time passes by.. went to University and moved myself into the "capitalist world" where you always have to be aware of what you speak, to whom you speak, bla bla bla... Sooner or later my connections with my old town disappeared.. almost to non-existent.

At the same time I also became different.. Less "crazy" I would say, except for work and partires in AIESEC!! :)

BUT, this weekend made me see that I was missing something in the between..
So, after a perfect dinner with my "sister" and 2 of my old close friends (back from elementary and high school) I found myself back into my old self! And the feeling wasnt that bad...

I wonder if Sizzla is back? :) :)
Lets wait for the next weekend to find out! :P


Heids said...

Hey sweetie! I know the feeling, calming down, feeling like the madness is gone. If you've found a little bit of it again hold on to it and let it grow!! People forget how to be mad and its such a shame, it makes life so much more interesting! (((hugs))) heids

Ana Elisa said...

Yeap.. That is it!
It is also about reconnecting with your roots.. with the friends and kind of people you grew up with.
Its like moving forward in life but realizing, at some point, that some things will never change and that they will probably be there after you are gone...
My hometown will.. its bars, its walks down the river, its old streets, its saturday night meeting points..